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"Everyone has the power to heal
If they just take time
To let go and breathe
Only then will God's energy flow..."

T.R. Lamb           


is an

The Guiding Star of Atlantis has arrived and is ready to guide whomever wants to go on a life changing journey!!!

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Experience The
Journey Now

New photos now online!

Building The Center


After almost two decades of searching , this statement bears repeating!!!!!!!!                                         


We have been Divinely Guided to the  land where we will build " The Center ".

Nancy and I have both  had visions of the land.  It is exactly as we pictured it. God Does work in Mysterious and Wondorous ways. As we stood in the field, on a glorious, sunny day, with a light cooling wind blowing, that felt like Angels flapping their wings, we could feel God smiling down at us, as if to say " WELCOME HOME MY CHILDREN ".  What a wonderful feeling it was and still is. 

The land where we will build The Center is a beautiful, wooded 51 acre parcel in Northport, Maine. It has a very powerful, ancient healing energy on it and amazing lay lines running through it.

We have done a sage smudge ceremony to clear the land. We are also working closely with Native American Spirits along with the Spirits that are on the land now. Guides from Atlantis and Lemuria are there also.

We are cutting in our driveway now and clearing the house lot. We have posted some pictures of the land and will be updating as the project progresses.

We appreciate any donations. With all that is going on in the world today, our guides are telling us that people need this Healing Sanctuary. So, we are creating and building this Sanctuary for all who choose to come here and heal.

We wish you all peace and love as you travel on your journey.


The purpose of this page is to share our experience of all of the phases of " The Center"  with all of you. From "The Idea" to "The Dream" to "The Wish" to "The Discovery of the Land " to "The Building of The Center"  and .....BEYOND .......  to whatever incredible journey God takes us on.                  

We are asking for your Prayers and support to help us start the buildings. We know that when we walk in faith and trust, it all works out perfectly.                  

So, we Welcome you to this new page on our web site. We invite you to share in this exciting "Birth of our Dream" to build A Spiritual Healing Center, that we hope and pray will help many, many on their paths of healing and self-discovery, on their journey to Enlightenment.

We hope you enjoy the pictures that we have included on this page.

We hope you will check back to this page often, as we will keep updating it.                            

Please help us spread the word and tell your friends about it.                                                                                    Love + Light,                                                                                            Tom + Nancy

The Center of Radiant Light graciously accepts donations to assist us in reaching our goal. Your contributions are greatly appreciated by Tom and Nancy and all who have and will benefit from these Spiritual Healing pieces.

Your privacy is respected for those who wish to contribute in confidence.

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Make A Donation By Mail
Please send Certified Checks
or Mail Orders Only To:

77 Elm Street
Saco, Maine 04072

Make A Donation
Securely On-Line Using Pay Pal
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Thank you for your contributions.
- Tom & Nancy Lamb

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