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Available Artwork

"Wisdom of the Light
- The Power of the Fire Within"

This is the beginning of a series of sacred art work that we are going to be offering for sale.

What we do is Sacred Art.  We invite you women and men to use the powerful healing energy in this piece to reclaim or renew or re-energize your confidence ......   your healing power  .......  your divine life.

This piece is available for purchase.
Please contact us for details.
Serious inquiries only please.


"A Woman's Rite of Passage"

This work of art started off as a tribute representing the journey of a girl entering into womanhood.  It feels very much like a tribal ceremony - a very important day in the life of a girl.  An ending of one phase of her life and the beginning of another phase.

But this piece, as all our pieces seem to do, went through a metamorphous and took on a life and energy of its own.  It not only represents the transformation of a girl to a woman, but it also has the energy of other changes and milestones that a woman reaches or experiences in her very eventful life; such as moving, marriage, giving birth, careers and career changes and any minor or major decisions she makes.  The sacred energy of this piece, has the ability to support girls/women during the many changes in their lives.

Our vision and dream for this work is to be placed somewhere, where many girls and women can get the support and benefit of its energy.

This piece will be a bronze sculpture.  A full size wooden model is done and is waiting to be cast in bronze. The piece will be about 33 " wide by 16 " deep by 52 " high. 

This piece is available for purchase.
Please contact us for details.
Serious inquiries only please.

"All God's Children"

"All God's Children" is a sculpture ..... Basicly in a circle ... the finished piece will be approximately 34 Feet in diameter and about 9 Feet high. The earth in the middle, is a 4 Foot sphere. This phoot represents a model made of the piece to be completed this year.

This piece is available for purchase.
Please contact us for details.
Serious inquiries only please.


All creations shown for sale on this page are reflected images passed to us through our Divine Source. If you listen very quietly, very deeply, each unique item has a song that is very personal to the one who is holding them.

We hope that you enjoy our creations and share them with those you love.

Because of our high standards and the care taken in hand manufacturing these artworks, the items shown below are currently on limited supply.

Healing Card Click the image above to view larger photo.

"The Temple of God" Healing Card
The healing symbol of "The Temple of God" is featured on the front of these 2 1/8" x 3 3/8" plastic cards.

Some of the experiences people have had with this card are:

  • Feeling Vibrations
  • Feeling Heat
  • Tingling
  • Seeing Colors
  • Healing Pain, and...
  • Brings A Smile To Their Faces.

Price: $52.95  (S&H included)

The Temple of God Healing Disc
Each disc is signed and numbered.
Tom & Nancy holding The Temple of God Healing Disc"The Temple of God" Healing Disc
A very limited number of wooden discs are currently available. These pieces are all hand painted by the artist, numbered and signed. They are very powerful pieces with beautiful, bright, vibrant colors.

Signed and Numbered Detail of Healing DiscPlease call 1-207-284-8521 to purchase this item.

Click HERE For Our Mail Order Form

Certified Cashier Checks Accepted.

Price starting at: $28,000.00

Click the image above to view larger photo.

"Temple of God" Pendant
Made of high quality sterling silver with inset top quality diamond and ruby.

  • Actual pendant size is 1" diameter (24mm)
    Total drop from chain is 2.75" (43mm)

Price: $237.95  (S&H included)

Temple of God Tapestry
Click the image above to view larger photo.

"Temple of God" Tapestry
18" x 18", made from 100% organic cotton.
(also a limited amount made from a 100% organic cotton and hemp blend.)

  • All fabrics have a very high thread count, hydrogen peroxide whitened - not bleached.
Select Fabric

Price: $139.95  (S&H included)

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