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"Everyone has the power to heal
If they just take time
To let go and breathe
Only then will God's energy flow..."

T.R. Lamb           


is an

The Guiding Star of Atlantis has arrived and is ready to guide whomever wants to go on a life changing journey!!!

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Experience The
Journey Now

New photos now online!

Our Mission

Tom & Nancy holding a Healing DiscFor many years, I, Tom Lamb, have dreamed of building a Spiritual Healing Center where people who believe in the same spiritual quest can gather to heal themselves and have a more fulfilling life through only the interventions of a Divine Source. In this community of like minded people, we will share ideas and thoughts of the same beliefs of these powers and the abilities we posses to heal ourselves and each other through the Divine Energy.

I have been blessed with the ability to channel Gods Divine Energy, mix it with my Love and Passion, and create, among other things, two and three dimensional works of art that offer support to people who choose to heal.

Nancy, my soul mate who is also a very gifted artist with the ability to channel divine energy has joined me on this journey. I am blessed that we are walking together on the same path. We plan to place many pieces in The Center, where people can come and experience this positive life changing experience.

I have had a dream, ever since I can remember, to help people. It is something that has always brought me great pleasure. I never questioned where this feeling came from. I guess I always knew on a very deep spiritual level, it was Gods plan for me. What I later discovered was I have a great passion for supporting people in finding inner peace and happiness, so they can heal themselves. This is my purpose on this earth. I do believe as St. Francis and others have said, that we are all here to be in service to others, to help whomever we can.


Bringing Our Dream To Life

Because we are both ministers and because of the charities we will be setting up, we are in the process of becoming a non-profit organization.














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