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"Everyone has the power to heal
If they just take time
To let go and breathe
Only then will God's energy flow..."

T.R. Lamb           


is an

The Guiding Star of Atlantis has arrived and is ready to guide whomever wants to go on a life changing journey!!!

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Experience The
Journey Now

New photos now online!

Works in Progress

"Wisdom of the Light
- The Power of the Fire Within"

This is the beginning of a series of sacred art work that we are going to be offering for sale.

What we do is Sacred Art.  We invite you women and men to use the powerful healing energy in this piece to reclaim or renew or re-energize your confidence ......   your healing power  .......  your divine life.

This piece will also be available for purchase.
Please contact us for details.


"A Woman's Rite of Passage"

This work of art started off as a tribute representing the journey of a girl entering into womanhood.  It feels very much like a tribal ceremony - a very important day in the life of a girl.  An ending of one phase of her life and the beginning of another phase.

But this piece, as all our pieces seem to do, went through a metamorphous and took on a life and energy of its own.  It not only represents the transformation of a girl to a woman, but it also has the energy of other changes and milestones that a woman reaches or experiences in her very eventful life; such as moving, marriage, giving birth, careers and career changes and any minor or major decisions she makes.  The sacred energy of this piece, has the ability to support girls/women during the many changes in their lives.

Our vision and dream for this work is to be placed somewhere, where many girls and women can get the support and benefit of its energy.

This piece will be a bronze sculpture.  A full size wooden model is done and is waiting to be cast in bronze. The piece will be about 33 " wide by 16 " deep by 52 " high. 

This piece will also be available for purchase.
Please contact us for details.

"All God's Children"

"All God's Children" is a sculpture ..... Basicly in a circle ... the finished piece will be approximately 34 Feet in diameter and about 9 Feet high. The earth in the middle, is a 4 Foot sphere. This phoot represents a model made of the piece to be completed this year.

This piece will also be available for purchase.
Please contact us for details.


The initial sketch of "A Woman's Journey To Inner Peace and Healing"

Nancy Lamb with "A Woman's Journey To Inner Peace and Healing". The finished piece stands 9' in height.

Nancy is now working on an incredible channeled piece called '' A Woman's Journey to Inner Peace and Healing''. It was channeled to her not only for her healing but to share with other women for their healing. It is a 7' x 9' very powerful work of art that has a very strong presence of God's healing energy. It is a very heartfelt-freeing-cleansing piece. It is a very nurturing, warm and inviting  piece of art. It nurtures your souls creativity and invites you to explore even deeper. As you stand  in front of the ''Doorway'' it  allows your spirit-your soul to enter ''In" - Into another dimension - a dimension of healing to heal according to your needs.

It surrounds you with truth and love and supports your own inner journey. It creates a loving embrace for everyone who wishes to experience it.

Even though we don't have our permanent Maine location yet, it is available for viewing by appointment.




"Healing The Survivor" Series

The initial sketch of "But, I Said No!?"
Tom and Nancy Lamb shown here with their "work in progress" as Tom's piece called: "But, I Said No!?" begins to take shape.
Tom's Work In Progress:
"The Purity Within"
Initial Rendering.
Tom's Work In Progress:
 "The Grace + Beauty Of A Woman" Initial Rendering.

These along with many other creations come to us by a Divine Source. There are many wonderful pieces currently being created, all with a uniqueness unlike the others. Every piece tells a story, and every piece exudes a energy to heal and energize your soul. Very few of our creations are for sale. Most, like this one, are being created for placement in The Center of Radiant Light, to be enjoyed, to heal and to spiritually wake our souls.

We will be continually updating this page as progress on various pieces are completed.


I am also working on two t-shirt designs with different channeled symbols on them. As soon as they are ready, we will be featuring them on this site for you to purchase.

Prayers and love offerings are greatly appreciated - 
so we may find a permanent home for this and all of our other pieces.

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