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About The New Atlantis
Atlantean Healing Energy Devices

I am creating a series of Healing Art channeled from Atlantis and other extremely advanced, ancient civilizations - Lemuria, Pacifica or Mu, etc. These civilizations all had and used a very high vibrational type of healing. Vibration can appear in many different forms - sound, light, color, touch by hand or mind, thoughts, aromas, textures - just about anything. These devices or tools, have the ability to positively change someone's life - to guide someone along their path of healing and self discovery, if they choose to. The benefits and healing that people can get from these healing energies are unlimited. It is the person that chooses how much he or she receives. It takes strength and courage and wisdom to accept this "awareness". People can and have received answers, direction, wisdom, awareness, healing and much more. The healing power is there for anyone who is willing to accept it and use it for their good or for the good of humanity. All you have to do is breathe and allow the energy to flow through you and around you, bathing you in a warm, unconditionally loving - healing "Hug" from God. A lot of the pieces I have channeled and I continue to channel and create are receivers and transmitters.

Here are some of our current creations: 
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The Guiding Star of Atlantis
The Guiding Star of Atlantis
"Arc and the Pod and
the Temple of God"

I had a near death experience when I was very young. I know that experience opened up many "Pathways" to many dimensions to me to visit and learn from them. And also to bring back knowledge to help us through these tumultuous times.

I know that my Dharma - my life's purpose - is to heal and to support others in their healing, with unconditional love, caring and understanding. One of the ways I do this is through my Art. I welcome this journey and love doing it. It brings me more pleasure than I could ever explain.

I invite you to explore and experience this exciting energy. Allow it to give you a boost along your path of your life's journey.
Breathe and look at the Art work on this website - How does it feel to you?
Allow these wonderful creations to take you on a journey. But remember, what I do is "Heart Felt Healing Art Channeled From A Divine Source", so do not let your mind get in the way. The one and only way we heal, is from the heart. That's where our soul and passion lives. That is the core of our beings - and our existence. And remember, You can only let go from a place of power.

The New Atlantis© part of my website, is still being created - a work in progress. I will be adding pictures of some models of the devices that I have built so far. When the land for the "Center" manifests, I will be building these devices outside. Some will be 20 to 30 feet high.

I invite you to help manifest my dream of
the "Healing Center"
in whatever way you are guided to.

Also, for as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by Pyramids. There is a mystique - a magic - that surrounds them. From the very first time I saw a pyramid, it spoke to me of an ancient time. It brought back a very powerful memory of an ancient shamanic wisdom - a wisdom that is being discovered - reborn. The rebirth of this powerful knowing, is awakening a truth that lives deep within our spirits and our souls. I am tapping into this powerful knowing to create a series of pyramids that will allow the user to feel and to "remember" - that long ago, ancient healing energy.

God Bless,
Love + Light
Tom Lamb

If you would like a one of a kind healing piece created just for you, please contact me.


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