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The Circle of Prayer

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About the Circle of Prayer

Nancy and I would like to Welcome you to our Prayer Circle.                                 

Nancy and I have devoted ourselves to our Spiritual Healing Journey's and are dedicated to supporting others with love, kindness, and understanding on their Spiritual Paths of Healing.                                 

We strongly believe in the Power of Prayer and positive thinking.  Not only for spiritual,  physical and emotional health but to help us manifest positive changes in our lives.                                 

We believe:                                                     

MIRACLES DO HAPPEN                               

With this in mind, we have created " The Circle of Prayer "  ( and also The Center of Radiant Light ).  Our goal is to create a community of like-minded people .  So, we invite you to join our family, where we can share Love, Friendship, Support, Caring, Knowledge and Understanding.  A place to experience the Divine Spiritual Healing Energy that is in all of us - that is in all things - that surrounds us at all times.                                 

We are all on a Divine Spiritual Healing Path whether we know it or not.  Our journey is one of discovery, fear, letting go, learning, teaching, and experiencing.  To have support and love and understanding and caring from others while we walk our path is a great gift.  To have support and love from others, helps us to realize that we are not alone. Knowing that there are other people  going through the same kind of  " Stuff "  gives us hope and that  sense of community and support that somebody else understands and is praying and cheering for us. This is very important to us.  Sharing our paths and journey's with each other may also help us to understand and let go of " old stuff " by hearing someone else's story.                               

We created this site so we can ask for Prayer or Spiritual Divine Healing  for ourselves, our friends or family.  Or just come and bask in the love and support of " The Circle ".

We have set aside two different days for anybody who wants to participate in a World Wide Community of Prayer.  We may not all be able to be together physically, but we can all be together spiritually and create a very powerful connection of Spiritual Healing Energy. The more of us that pray together, the more dynamic the outcome will be.  We invite you to participate and also to share  " The Circle of Prayer " web site with others.                                                 

The two days are :

Every Wednesday at 12:00 Noon - EST
Every Sunday at 12:00 Noon - EST

You can pray for 5 minutes or an hour, or whatever you are guided to do.  BUT, remember that " The Circle of Prayer " is open 24 hours a day.                                 

So, please E-mail us with your prayer requests.  We will post them so whomever wants can pray for you or the person or the pet or place or circumstance that you want to heal.  Yes, pets are very welcome.  Also, if you have any appropriate poems, songs or stories to share with all of us, please feel free to E-mail them to us also.  We would also love to hear about all the breakthroughs that you have.                                   

So, allow this families love and support, help you to feel the warmth of the Divine in your heart.  That Glow of Love Energy that we all have, but from time to time either forget it or can't feel it because of all the pain.  When you do feel it share it with others.  And together we can make this journey easier for all of us.                                   

Healing is a courageous act of faith.   
So, Breathe and Let Go—Let God's Energy Flow
We are looking forward to hearing from you.
God Bless us all,
Tom + Nancy

About the Circle of Prayer | Words of Enlightenment | Prayer Circle | Healing Creations | Guest Book

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