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The Guiding Star of Atlantis Images

The Guiding Star of Atlantis has arrived
and is ready to guide whomever wants to go on a life changing journey!!!

Click any of the photos below to see larger images of each angle
and to experience the power of this wonderful creation. Remember...

When Nancy and I put the crystals in place for the first time, to complete this incredible creation, it became alive with a rainbow of colors and a very powerful flow of healing energy and much movement of spiraling winds. A kaleidoscope of sounds, colors and vibrations. The intense heat that radiates from this very fluid, healing, channeled creation, comes from a very ancient time and culture. You can feel and hear the ancient wisdom of those beings that channeled this piece to me. As I looked around the piece, I could see lost spirits and souls, coming into the center of the vortex of the piece, and being guided outward to continue their journey to the light. 

The purpose of this creation, is to guide you, to heal you, to answer your questions with its ancient wisdom and to help you re-connect to that place of inner peace and clarity. This is what "Its" job is. This is why "It" was channeled to me.

" It " is the twilight between two worlds.
Where the earth touches the stars.
An ancient brotherhood.
An ancient sisterhood.
The energy of this piece will play the song of your Heart
- no matter what it may be.
We invite you to experience this Angelic embrace. 

Love + Light,
Tom + Nancy


If you cannot experience these creations in person, the energy that comes from their pictures is still extremely powerful and healing. 

The healing energy is experienced in your Heart. 

To experience it .....

Sit Quietly - Breathe  + Let Go

Simply allow this piece, or the others, to take away any tension - stress - fear - or anger that you may have, and replace it with Love - Hope - + Understanding. 

Very simply, allow the magic to happen.

Feel the Divine Healing Energy creating a Miracle in your life.

Have a Wonderful Journey!!!!

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